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Block.one CEO Regards EOS Worker Proposal System As ‘Very High Risk, Very High Reward Direction’

22:55 Wednesday , March 25th 2020
Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one, opines that the proposed EOS Worker Proposal System is a “very high risk, very high reward direction.”
In a March 26’s tweet, Blumer said that if the community decides to go ahead with it, they must get it right.
“We need [to] learn from mistakes and double down on success. I’m up for whatever challenge lays ahead,” he said.
This, however, is not the first time Blumer showed his worries.
As reported by CoinNess.com on March 15, the Block.one CEO said he personally concerned of the effects the recently proposed EOS Worker Proposal System might have on the network, adding “even if the amount is nominal, socially authorising the BP’s to direct token-holder funds into projects without a clear or measurable return of value is risky, and may open the door to corruption and external scrutiny.”
Details of the proposal were released by EOS Nation on March 11. In nature, the proposal is a funding mechanism for the EOS Public Network modeled closely after the DASH Budget Proposal System. It enables developers and other value creators to seek funding from the EOS blockchain for their projects outside of EOS block rewards.
CoinNess Market Index: EOS, $2.34; DASH, $68.55.
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