UTC-05:00,Saturday , March 28th 2020

Boboo.com: Investors Are Warned Of Risks In OTC Trading

02:14 Thursday , March 26th 2020
According to the official announcement, Boboo.com’s native token BOBT generated more than 1 million tokens during the warm-up campaign and will enter into an official output period on March 26. As a growing number of users are joining this event, some of them execute OTC trading to get more shares. Boboo.com warns users of risks like conflict, and fraud that relate to such activities. Regular crypto-to-crypto trading on Boboo.com will get you free BOBT. Trading cryptos or inviting friends to trade on Boboo.com in the time frame of 00:00, Mar 26 ~ 00:00, Apr 5 (UTC) will bring you a reward of 1.5x BOBT.