UTC-05:00,Saturday , March 28th 2020

Bitcoin Firms Report Uptick In Demand For Inheritance Services

04:06 Thursday , March 26th 2020
Casa Hodl and Unchained Capital said they have seen a dramatic rise in requests for proof-of-death or similar multi-signature wallet schemes that enable customers’ Bitcoin to be transferred to a loved one following an untimely death.
“We’ve seen more demand [than any other time] in our history over the past month for vaults,” Unchained Capital chief product officer Will Cole said. “Many vault customers set up via trust or other inheritance supported entities. That’s been true the past few weeks as well.”
Bitcoin’s seizure-resistant technology makes it impossible to transfer without the consent of someone holding a private key. If Bitcoin is to be money, it needs infrastructure to handle assets when life’s prevailing circumstances alter one’s plans, such as a medical accident or death. 
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