UTC-05:00,Saturday , March 28th 2020

Boboo.com Native Token Report Mar 26: 55252 BOBT Generated

22:18 Thursday , March 26th 2020
Citing data by Boboo.com, from 00:00, Mar 26 to 00:00, Mar 27 (UTC), a total of 55,252 BOBT was generated. As of 00:00, Mar 27, the number of BOBT generated has reached 1,076,667.
According to Boboo.com, trading cryptos or inviting friends to trade on Boboo.com in the time frame of 00:00, Mar 26 ~ 00:00, Apr 5 will bring users a reward of 1.5x BOBT. Specifically, every time users spend 1 USDT to trade, they receive 1.5 BOBT from the platform; when invitees spend 1 USDT to trade, inviters will receive 0.45 BOBT.
BOBT represents an ERC 20-based native token developed by Boboo.com, with only 21 million coins to be generated through crypto-to-crypto trading. The generation process is limited to 100 days and those which are not generated before the deadline will be burned. BOBT will officially enter the absolute inflation process featuring full buy-back & burn and free circulation process when the total supplies run out. All net incomes from crypto-to-crypto trading commissions will be used for BOBT buy back & burn.
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