UTC-05:00,Saturday , March 28th 2020

Economist Alex Kruger: In 2020, The World Has Gone Full Crypto

22:54 Thursday , March 26th 2020
Economist and trader Alex Kruger said in a recent tweet, “In 2020, the world has gone full crypto… In crypto half the people think prices will ‘moon,’ while the other half think it's all a Ponzi. In the world now, half the people think coronavirus is a sham, while the other half think everything will collapse.”
Explaining why, he added the fact that volatility is up the roof and the every stock has been trading like “a sh*tcoin.”
“Assets can't be valued any longer because nobody knows anything, and everybody is under lockdown and either unemployed or working from home. Sounds very much like crypto to me,” he said.
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