UTC-05:00,Saturday , August 08th 2020

Security Firm: Beware Of The New Fake Deposit Of ETH

11:00 Friday , May 22nd 2020
The blockchain security firm SlowMist monitored that there is the nonofficeholding use of ETH fake deposit to attack crypto exchanges. The SlowMist security team decided to make the repair plan known to the public. Crypto exchanges or wallets shall check the ETH recorded logic in a timely manner. If necessary, they can contact SlowMist and detect it to prevent loss of funds.
In addition, following steps should be conducted:
1. As for the deposit of the ETH contract, it is necessary to determine whether there is a revert transaction in the inline transaction. If there is a revert transaction, it will be refused to enter the account;
2. Processing contract bookkeeping manually only after confirming the deposit address.
At the same time, it should be noted that the public chain cryptocurrencies like Ethereum may also have similar risks.