UTC-05:00,Sunday , May 24th 2020

Kik Proposes Migration Of Kin Ecosystem From Kin Blockchain To Solana Blockchain

21:21 Friday , May 22nd 2020
Social platform giant Kik has published the Kin Improvement Proposal, the purpose of which is to propose a migration of the Kin Ecosystem from the Kin Blockchain to the Solana Blockchain.
According to the document, Kin is used by millions of consumers across more than 50 independent Apps.
In Q1 2018, Kik started working with the Stellar protocol as a potential alternative to Ethereum, but Stellar has five second block times, so irrespective of network load, a consumer could be seeing five second latency on their transactions - not what Kik would deem a great consumer experience.
Over the last year, Kik has been evaluating different options including existing blockchains, layer 2 solutions, and new blockchains coming to market to replace the Kin blockchain and firmly believes that Solana is the best fit for Kin.
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