UTC-05:00,Tuesday , July 14th 2020

Project III: Boboo.com Shining The World Tour With ContentBox

23:04 Monday , June 29th 2020
On June 30, Boboo.com Exchange and ContentBox have reached cooperation covering the fields of global publication and brand promotion. Boboo.com, as the organizer of this event, will work with ContentBox to explore the business model of blockchain application exchange partnering with projects and speed up the development of blockchain technology and ecological construction.
Boboo.com Shining The World Tour is win-win cooperation participated by excellent project operators, which will have its third project with ContentBox. This time, the world tour activity will cover 400+ media, 2000+ communities, 3 million+ WeChat Forward-to-Moments records, 12 million+ App users. Both media and community are the top resources in the global cryptocurrency industry.