UTC-05:00,Monday , July 06th 2020

ETH2 Scaling For Data Will Be Available Before ETH2 Scaling For General Computation

10:14 Tuesday , June 30th 2020
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that ETH2 scaling for data will be available before ETH2 scaling for general computation. He said: "This implies that rollups will be the dominant scaling paradigm for at least a couple of years: first ~2-3k TPS with eth1 as data layer, then ~100k TPS with eth2 (phase 1). Adjust accordingly."
He continued to say: "Anyone who's *just* moving ETH / ERC20 / ERC721 tokens around should be looking at how to get onto a rollup today. Gas prices on base chain would probably fall greatly if it was only used for the more complex stuff."