UTC-05:00,Monday , July 06th 2020

BTC Price Predictions For July 1: 18 Go Long; 18 Go Short

10:40 Tuesday , June 30th 2020
As of 15:30 UTC on June 30, Bitcoin, the largest crypto by market cap, has been trading above the $9,100 mark, with the current price reporting $9,157.43 on the CoinMarketCap.
Out of the 54 accredited crypto analysts with CoinNess.com, 18 think that for the next 24 hours (12:00 UTC, June 30 to 12:00 UTC, July 1) think the price of BTC will rise, 18 think it will drop, and 18 think it will continue to trade sideways.
CoinNess.com has selected opinions from several popular crypto analysts for your market analysis:
@JYcoin: Both the longs and the shorts have pumped large funds into the BTC market, which generally have no big gap. Therefore, the premier crypto keeps trading sideways today with decreasing volatility. It is probably that BTC will see a price blast if the $8,975 mark is not broken.
@CHEN Chuchu: Bitcoin is still moving within a narrow range without much violation. Despite the upward momentum is relatively weak, the price is standing firmly above the $9,100 support level, which brings a great chance for BTC to move higher. The resistance level is established at around $9,250, and the next will be $9,340-$9,400.
@Wenbo: The daily chart of Bitcoin shows there is still adjustment space under the 60-MA. The rebound target is still set at $9,200-$9,300. In the short term, the market will mainly point towards a bearish bias with a slight rebound.