UTC-05:00,Monday , July 06th 2020

Ethereum's Higher TX Fees Not A Bullish Flex

12:20 Tuesday , June 30th 2020
On 22 June, Eric Conner, a popular Ethereum Proponent, tweeted the following and revealed to his thousands-strong followers, "For 16 straight days, Ethereum users have paid more to use the network than Bitcoin users."
Fast forward to 30 June, this has extended to 24 days, with Glassnode analytics' platform revealing that Ethereum's fees have continued to exceed Bitcoin for 3 weeks in a row. Interestingly, the last time Ethereum's fees were higher than Bitcoin's for such a series of consecutive days was back in May 2018.
Ethereum could be blooming, but the same has not been the case for Ether and rising transaction fees do not present any bullish signs for ETH's future.
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