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Public Blockchain Yields To Commercial Confidentiality, Says CEO Of Volvo-Backed Circulor

05:04 Sunday , July 12th 2020
In an interview, Doug Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of blockchain start-up Circulor, explained why after originally prototyping its solution on Ethereum (ETH), Circular now switches to Hyperledger Fabric.
“Part of the reason we went with a private permission blockchain was partly was the prejudice of our target customers who are not used to transparency in supply chains, who have commercial sensitivities to consider between their relationship with their customers. And many of the potential customers we were speaking to certainly two and a half years ago or so, just didn't see how a public blockchain could be configured in a way that would maintain their commercial confidentiality.”he admitted resignedly.
Not long ago, the venture arms of Volvo and Total invested in this company with the aim of reducing child labor in Africa.
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