UTC-05:00,Wednesday , December 02nd 2020

Crypto Scammers Turn Toward Terrorism With A Japanese Bomb Threat

13:51 Wednesday , July 29th 2020
Crypto terrorists threatened to bomb a government office on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. They told authorities that they would only disable the alleged explosive device if their crypto ransom was paid.
According to FNN, the terrorists sent the Numata Town Hall an email stating they had installed a bomb in a women's second-floor toilet. They claimed that as long as officials met their payment demands before 03:00 UTC on June 29, the bomb would not be detonated.
However, this appears to have been a fake threat. The deadline set by the criminals has passed and the hall remains intact without any further suspicious activity as of press time. Authorities stated that the email arrived during the week of July 20.
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