UTC-05:00,Saturday , August 15th 2020

Bitcoin Search Index On Major Media Platforms: August 1

02:22 Saturday , August 01st 2020
Monitored by CoinNess.com, as of 7:00 UTC on August 1,
1) Google Trends indicates searches of "Bitcoin" experienced a significant increase;
2) Baidu Search Index shows the search frequency of "Bitcoin," "digital currency," and "blockchain" has decreased slightly;
3) Weibo sees the search of "Bitcoin," "digital currency," and "blockchain" has increased, and that of "Bitcoin" surged by 96.94%;
4) WeChat Search Index witnessed a decrease of 12.26% both in the search of "Bitcoin" and "digital currency," while that of "blockchain" saw a slight rise;
5) CoinNess shows "BTC" takes the crown in the list of Coin Search Index, followed by ETH and FIL.