UTC-05:00,Saturday , August 15th 2020

Report: Monthly DEX Volumes Hit $4.2B In July

07:40 Saturday , August 01st 2020
According to the report released by Delphi Digital, there are several highlights:
1. Ethereum just had a 52 day streak of daily transaction fees surpassing that of Bitcoin's. Led by Uniswap and Curve Finance, AMM market share of DEX volumes continues to grow, now up to over 80%.
2. Monthly DEX volumes hit $4.2 billion in July alone.
3. The DeFi projects with the fastest user growth were either direct beneficiaries of yield farming or were exposed to second-hand benefits from farming. Fastest M/M user growth: BAL (864%), REN (659%), CRV (246%), AAVE (94%), NXM (92%), Uniswap (74%), COMP (58%).
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