UTC-05:00,Friday , August 07th 2020

Research Firm: Ethereum 2.0 And EIP-1559 Will Boost ETH's Long-Term Value Proposition

19:44 Saturday , August 01st 2020
Delphi Digital, a prominent cryptocurrency research company, stated in "The State of Ethereum 2020" report recently shared with the public to celebrate the network's fifth birthday that the introduction of staking through Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2) and EIP-1559 will lend to a much stronger long-term value proposition for the cryptocurrency.
According to Delphi Digital's report, ETH's current economic model is one not conducive to its long-term success: "The dApps built on top of the Ethereum network are driving increasing fees leading to more scarce bandwidth, but are parasitic in that the on-chain value derived from activity does not increase fundamental value to ETH."
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