UTC-05:00,Friday , August 14th 2020

Cardano Co-Founder: Smart Contracts And Native Assets Are Coming This Year

13:52 Sunday , August 02nd 2020
Daniel Larimer, founder and CTO of the Block.one team behind the EOS.IO (EOS) blockchain, traded barbs with Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and co-founder of Cardano, on Twitter.
"Your protocol doesn't work for applications other than currency, the confirmation latency is too long for most of defi and completely unsuitable for most use cases," claimed Larimer.
In response, Hoskinson tweeted: "Smart contracts and Native assets are coming this year, our latency is lower than ethereum's- the dominant DeFi platform (hydra brings it to subsecond) to quote satoshi: I'm sorry, I dont have the time to explain it to you."
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