UTC-05:00,Sunday , September 27th 2020

At Least 22 Blockchain Projects Submitted Their Ethereum Scaling Proposals To Reddit For Its Token Project

06:01 Tuesday , August 04th 2020
At least 22 blockchain projects, including Solana and Matic Network, have submitted their Ethereum scaling proposals to Reddit for its token project.
Evan Van Ness, a former member of Ethereum development studio ConsenSys, revealed the projects in an updated Reddit thread on Monday. These projects are: StarkWare, Dragonchain, Matic Network, Solana, Everest, xDai and Splunk, OMG Network, NEAR, Fuel Labs, Raiden, Connext, Arbitrum, Aztec, MatterLabs, Abridged and Kchannels, SKALE, Syscoin, Meter, Dapp Solutions, Hubble Project, Minter and Celer.
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