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Antminer: 5nm Products Are Still In R&D And Verification, Unavailable To Market In Short Term

20:40 Tuesday , September 08th 2020
The Antminer's official WeChat account controlled by WU Jihan released the "Clarification on the Pre-sale Rumors of the Antminer 5nm New Products." The announcement stated that recently, the Bitmain Group noticed that ZHAN Ketuan released the pre-sale information of the new 5nm products in the name of Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. However, 5nm products are still in the research and development, and verification stage and will not available in the market in the short term.
In order to prevent customers from being deceived, Bitmain Group hereby made this declaration. 5nm is the latest chip production process, and a large number of new technologies applied need to have a new architecture to match. Mining machine chips developed based on this process require a large number of detailed and complete design and verification work. Therefore, although the research and development cost is relatively high, Bitmain’s first-generation experimental 5nm product BM1360 chip is only used for internal verification to solve performance and reliability problems caused by new processes, technologies, and architectures. There is no plan to release or sell 5nm products to the market for now.