UTC-05:00,Monday , September 28th 2020

Cream: crCREAM To Conduct Migration

00:58 Wednesday , September 16th 2020
Cream tweeted an extra 0 was added to the distribution contract but not the amount of $CREAM, leading to 10x distribution speed (25,000/day instead of 2,500/day) on $CREAM in the crCREAM staking. If they did not stop the pool for migration this evening, all 17,500 $CREAM tokens for the 7-day reward period would be fully rewarded in about four hours.
crCREAM staking has been stopped for maintenance. They've rewarded about 5,360 $CREAM up to when they stopped the pool. crCREAM rewards will resume in about 11.5 hours at 15:59 UTC on September 16.
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