UTC-05:00,Sunday , September 27th 2020

Grin Core Developer Proposes Governance Plan For Disbanding Core Team And Governance Structure

03:53 Wednesday , September 16th 2020
According to an official source, Daniel Lehnberg, the core developer of Grin, published a "governance plan for disbanding the core team and governance structure" earlier this month. Daniel Lehnberg said that there are some faults in the design of foundation governance including the core team members having the right to stay indefinitely, adding new core members or deleting existing members only by core members, and no checks and balances. Therefore, a better governance structure is needed to replace the existing scheme.
Daniel Lehnberg put forward several workable suggestions, including returning funds to anonymous donors, burning funds, splitting core team members, establishing a temporary core team, and opening application procedures. Up to now, 121 related responses have been collected. Daniel Lehnberg stated that if a proposal that is convincing and will improve the status quo is launched, it will be put forward in the form of a written proposal or an RFC, and promoted.
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