UTC-05:00,Wednesday , September 23rd 2020

Several Investors Accuse TRON's JustSwap Whitelist Project Of Suspected Runaway

05:33 Wednesday , September 16th 2020
A number of investors on social platforms accused the suspected runaway of liquidity mining projects in TRON's decentralized flash swap product JustSwap. A community member said on Twitter that the Whales.finance project was suspected to be running off. The community member said that the official website, Twitter account, official communities of Discord and Telegram have all been disbanded or closed. Some investors have tried to contact Justin Sun on Twitter, saying that JustSwap had whitelisted Whales.finance and therefore hoped to be compensated.
Another investor previously pointed out on Reddit that the liquidity mining project "Tron Supernode" is suspected to run off. The project first closed its accounts on Telegram and other media, then the official website was emptied, disabled, and funds could not be withdrawn. "Tron Supernode" is also one of JustSwap's whitelist items. At 15:00 UTC on September 16, TRON's YFI project SUN.Market token SUN will start liquidity mining on JustSwap. Up to now, the total value locked of SUN.Market is approximately 9.424 billion TRX.
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