UTC-05:00,Wednesday , September 23rd 2020

Unlocked Tokens Of Band Protocol Foundations And Teams Will Continue To Be Locked For One Year

05:46 Wednesday , September 16th 2020
The decentralized oracle Band Protocol (BAND) released the September token unlocking report. The report stated that according to the initial token unlocking schedule, tokens will be unlocked, 4.4% of the foundation's, 4% of the team's, and 3.8% of the ecosystem's.
For the long-term development of Band Protocol, the unlocked tokens (8.4%) of all foundations and teams will not flow into the market and continue to be locked for one year. The 3.8% of the tokens unlocked by the ecological fund will also be pledged to ensure the security of decentralized oracle network BandChain. The funds will only be used for learning activities, developer funding programs, bug bounties, hackathon bonuses, and other community activities. This is the last seed round and private equity investor token unlocking (3.75%), which means that there will be no more private equity token issuance in the future.
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