UTC-05:00,Friday , October 23rd 2020

SONG Jiang: If Filecoin Does Not Cancel Pre-Stake, I Will Switch To Fork Coin

04:32 Saturday , October 17th 2020
SONG Jiang expressed personal dissatisfaction with Filecoin in the Slack community. He said: "I have a suggestion to all miners - stop encapsulating new sectors, and sell all coins at the current high. The coins of early investors have not been released, and all rewards have not been released. Now is the best opportunity."
At the same time, he said: "If the official cancels the pre-stake within one month, then I will continue to encapsulate, otherwise I will switch to the fork coin to conduct 'double mining' operation." He suggested that the official do two things: tell everyone that the accounts are controlled by the agreement laboratory, and cancel the pre-stake.