UTC-05:00,Friday , October 23rd 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Crashes Again, Participation Drops To 1.5%

05:24 Saturday , October 17th 2020
The Ethereum 2.0 testnet, Medalla, has not been finalizing for about 1,000 epochs, with participation dropping to as low as 1.5%.
Apparently people left to Zinken, the Ethereum 2.0 dry run, with Preston van Loon, a Prysm dev, stating: “We enjoyed a successful dress rehearsal launch with the short lived Zinken testnet and now it is time to bring our attention back to Medalla. If you were running a Medalla validator and turned it off, please turn it back on.”
This matter was discussed in an ETH 2.0 devs meeting, with the notes stating: “Medalla testnet is not v1.0 conformant. We also expect most people to turn off their nodes when mainnet comes. Therefore, we are considering a new long-running v1.0 testnet/devnet without such wide participation. There have been suggestions to upgrade Medalla to v1.0 spec.”
An ETH dev stating: “I think around November 3rd Medalla will spring back to life.” November 3rd is close to the expected mainnet launch, but if the issue is indeed that validators turned off just to go to Zinken or because they thought their job was done or because they were bored, then the issue is more that this is all with fake ETH rather than any protocol related matter.
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