UTC-05:00,Friday , October 23rd 2020

24H News Roundup Oct 17: The Monero Network Completed Biannual Scheduled Hardfork

18:00 Saturday , October 17th 2020
1. The Cypriot regulator has warned against entering into transactions, particularly involving CFDs, cryptocurrency and forex-trading, via online trading platforms operated by unlicensed providers.
1. The Monero network has successfully completed it's biannual scheduled hardfork;
2. Grayscale Investments has accumulated an additional 8,659 BTC.
1. Morgan Creek Blockchain Opportunities Fund II, raised more than $71 million;
2. The Ethereum 2.0 testnet, Medalla, has not been finalizing for about 1,000 epochs, with participation dropping to as low as 1.5%;
3. The scheduled network upgrade of Monero went successfully;
4. In order to protest against Filecoin, five leading miners, including Zhiheyun, have collectively shut down.