UTC-05:00,Wednesday , December 02nd 2020

OKEx Announces Regarding BCH Fork Event

05:16 Wednesday , October 28th 2020
Citing the official release of OKEx, the Bitcoin Cash (hereinafter referred to as BCH) network is expected to undergo a hard fork on November 15, 2020 (UTC). There are currently two competing fork proposals, Bitcoin Cash ABC (hereinafter referred to as BCH ABC) and Bitcoin Cash Node (hereinafter referred to as BCHN). Users holding BCH before the fork may receive two new assets, BCH ABC and BCHN..
1) At 03:00 (UTC) on November 8, 2020, the BCH margin lending function will be suspended;
2) At 03:00 (UTC) on November 14, 2020, a mandatory repayment will be triggered by the system. Users who have borrowed coins from BCH/USDT and BCH/BTC in margin trading (including borrowing BCH, USDT, and BTC currency pairs), are required to return the coins before 03:00 (UTC). If the loan is not returned by that time, a mandatory repayment will be triggered by the system;
3) At 09:00 (UTC) on November 14, 2020, spot and margin trading services will be suspended, and all market orders will be cancelled;
4) At 10:00 (UTC) on November 14, 2020, deposit services will be suspended. Please deposit BCH in advance, as OKEx will handle any technical issues during the fork process.
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