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Titan Protocol To Be Listed On Boboo.com In Mid-December

03:40 Thursday , November 26th 2020
According to official sources, Titan Protocol and Boboo.com have formally reached a strategic cooperation. It is expected that TIT, the native token of Titan Protocol, will go live on Boboo.com in mid-December. At the moment, both parties will jointly open a series of preferential activities, including deposits, trading competitions, etc.
Titan Protocol is a commercial-grade decentralized application platform that has successfully launched its mainnet. Titan Protocol will adopt a Masternode solution to solve the problems like slow transaction processing, huge data, etc. Titan Protocol will change the traditional system design method to build applications and even the working method of the network itself. At the same time, it will strive to provide developers and entrepreneurs with an easy and sustainable construction of applications to protect private assets and digital identities, so as to protect the high-value assets.
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