UTC-05:00,Thursday , January 28th 2021

TMTG Begins The Mining Of DeFi Token TOM2 Today

21:26 Wednesday , January 13th 2021
Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency (virtual asset) service provider TMTG Enterprise HK Limited announced the start of the second season of its DeFi project TOM Finance.
As the first season of TOM Finance season set records in trading volume, number of participants, and APY, the same level of excitement is expected to carry over to the second season. Because TOM Finance has no private, venture capital investments, nor premining and preallocation, the project is characterized as the most genuine DeFi project with maximum transparency.
In Season 2 of TOM Finance, TOM2 mining will be conducted in three pools: TMTG/LBXC, TOM/TMTG, and TOM/LBXC. A total of 10,000 TOM2 will be available for mining. Along with TOM2 mining, airdrop promotion of C-BANK token, a utility token of Crypto Bank, will be conducted. Airdrop is based on the mined volume, as 30,000 C-BANK will be airdropped for each TOM2 mined. The total airdrop volume will be 300 million. The mining period will depend on the Ethereum network, but is expected to be conducted for sixty days.
A TMTG official said, “We have prepared the second season of TOM with various strategies to maximize the liquidity and value of TOM2, including mining pool with 4 times the leverage with TOM, low transaction fee and increased convenience with TOMSWAP platform, and listing plans for TOM2 on large-scale exchanges. TMTG is focusing on TOM2’s success to step up to a new level of expansion in 2021.”