UTC-05:00,Tuesday , March 02nd 2021

OKEx Launches Voting For Top DOT Projects

05:09 Monday , January 18th 2021
In response to calls from community, OKEx will hold a special voting event for 5 DOT projects: Phala Network (PHA), Crust Network (CRU), MATH (MATH), Polkastarter (POLS) and MXC (MXC).
Voting period is between 10:00 am UTC on Jan. 18 and 10:00 am UTC on Jan. 24.
1. During the event, users can vote by depositing tokens to their OKEx accounts. Based on the ranking of the total number of voters for each project, the top two projects will be launched on OKEx.
2. If the total number of voters of a project reaches 2,000, OKEx will give priority to the project to list on OKEx.
3. For projects that meet the conditions above, OKEX will launch them as soon as possible.
4. If there is any suspicion of malicious behavior during the event or any valid user complaints, the qualification will be disqualified upon verification.
5. Withdrawals will start after the end of the voting event.
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