UTC-05:00,Tuesday , March 02nd 2021

Enftee.com, Record Of Promising Authors NFT Sold Out In Record Breaking Time

23:32 Monday , February 22nd 2021
All of the NFT works that were shown in the Rookie Artist's exhibition of the cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform ENFTEE were sold out within few days of its opening of the exhibition. ENFTEE is a platform that issues various types of NFTs that stimulate the desire to collect art, sports, and characters under ‘The Digital Collectibles’ vision of turning all contents into digital assets in the world.
ENFTEE beta version accepts TRIX, Triumph-X's native token at this point but it is under development to accept Ethereum and Bitcoin. With Klip wallet connection NFTs sold on ENFTEE will be visible on Klip wallet as well. The two artists who were selected as the first Rookie Series Artists are CHA JAEYOUNG and Lee Hee-seung also known as ‘tripleA’. In addition, TriumphX, the NFT platform developer who developed ENFTEE, plans to open an additional SOLE-X NFT marketplace in March so that NFTs issued by ENFTEE can be traded in P2P. SOLE-X is a cross-chain based marketplace where you can cross-trade NFTs issued by various chains in one place. SOLE-X is the main platform of Triumph-X that allows multichain transaction on cross-chain technology.