UTC-05:00,Monday , April 12th 2021

Tokenview: 10.5 Bln USDT Newly Minted In February

02:49 Monday , March 01st 2021
Citing data from Tokenview, the amount of newly-minted USDT in February was 10.5 billion USDT, while 2 billion coins were burned in that month, indicating that the net volume of new coins was 8.5 billion USDT in February. In detail, about 4.5 billion USDT were minted on the Ethereum network, and about 4 billion USDT were minted on the TRON network. The newly-minted coins flowed into eight exchanges: Binance (2.87 billion), Bitfinex (1.07 billion), Nexo (180 million), OKEX (62.21 million), and Huobi (17.46 million).
At present, the total market cap of USDT has exceeded $34.9 billion.