UTC-05:00,Sunday , April 18th 2021

DogeSwap Officially Enters The Huobi Ecological Chain Heco

04:32 Monday , March 01st 2021
In the latest news, DogeSwap has announced that it has become a Heco ecological partner of the Huobi ecological chain to support and assist the development of Heco and will officially settle in soon. DogeSwap will provide Heco ecological projects with efficient and stable liquidity, and diversify Heco's DeFi underlying products.
DogeSwap is a decentralized exchange initiated by the global doge community. It aims to unite the Heco ecosystem to provide community users with top-notch trading and farming services strive, create a fair, just and freely traded DEX and work together with the Dogecommunity to promote the advancement and development of the industry, bring more high-quality projects to the community, and improve the development of the DeFi ecosystem.