UTC-05:00,Thursday , May 13th 2021

Redline Captital Strategically Invests In Class ZZ (CZZ)

02:14 Monday , April 12th 2021
Recently, the world's first native token cross-chain protocol Class ZZ (CZZ) received a strategic investment from Redline Capital. Redline Capital is a well-known investment institution focusing on investing in the field of blockchain technology. It has invested in star projects such as DODO, FOR, KINE, and well-known exchanges such as FTX, BITWELL, CCFOX, LBK, and AOFEX.
CZZ is the first public chain across the globe to realize decentralized, cross-chain transaction. It supports the Te Waka Protocol developed by the community to realize asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized manner. The Te Waka Protocol is completely open source and decentralized. The protocol is based on the PoW mainnet, and runs in a decentralized environment. Te Waka implements the token swap on the mainnets supported by the protocol. At present, Te Waka Protocol has added support for the cross-chain transaction on Ethereum, HECO, and BSC, with OKChain, Polkadot, Solana, Tron and more other public chains to be supported.