UTC-05:00,Friday , June 18th 2021

Class ZZ Deployed Cross-Chain Contracts On ETH, HECO, And BSC

22:33 Thursday , April 15th 2021
Class ZZ community has successfully deployed cross-chain contracts on ETH, BSC and HECO. After completing the Maui fork of mainnet at block height 1150000, these contracts will provide all functionalities of the Te Waka protocol. At that moment, Class ZZ network will fully support Te Waka protocol to conduct cross-chain transactions on ETH, HECO and BSC between native tokens on CzzSwap, and the CZZ token will manifest as ECZZ, HCZZ and BCZZ respectively. These tokens will be tradable on decentralized exchanges across all three DeFi ecosystems. All developers in the blockchain space are also welcomed to incorporate Te Waka, an open source protocol, to their own projects.