UTC-05:00,Wednesday , August 04th 2021

NFTMart Token (NMT) To Be Launched On MXC

01:15 Wednesday , June 09th 2021
MXC will list NMT (NMT) in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the NMT/USDT trading pair. The deposit and withdrawal now have been enabled. The trading for NMT/USDT pair is going to be launched at 16:00 (UTC+8), Jun 9.
To celebrate the launch of NMT on MXC, the NFTMart team will host a Trading Contest on MXC. There will be a total of 28,000 NMT tokens to be won.
NFTMart is an Polkadot-based NFT trading platform. As a mainchain token, NMT can be used to pay for trading fees, NFT works, and transaction tax, and allow users to participate in governance poll, NPOS Staking, etc.