UTC-05:00,Wednesday , August 04th 2021

TriumphX Dismantles Game Business Department Due To Stricter Regulations Of Game NFT Government

22:35 Tuesday , June 15th 2021
TriumphX, a crosschain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, additionally reported the detailed cause of the dismantlement of the game division announced with the announcement of White Paper 2.0.
This is because the government's regulations have been tightened due to the speculative problem of Game NFT, which led to the slow progress of the blockchain game business.
"Currently, it is impossible for NFT blockchain games to be serviced after being officially classified in South Korea. A blockchain game, which the Game Management Committee refused to classify in March, was deleted from the Google Play Store," TriumphX said. "Since late last year, we have detected abnormal signs in the blockchain game industry, so we changed our business direction, and released ENFTEE and Sole-X sequentially."
TriumphX updated White Paper 2.0 earlier, which strengthened its NFT platform business strategy with the reinforcement of NFT professionals, and included that the NFT platform business area, which started as a game item transaction, would move to art/sports/entertainment NFT content and dismantle the game division launched at the time of foundation.