UTC-05:00,Wednesday , August 04th 2021

NFTMart Inks An Agreement With FM Gallery

02:53 Wednesday , June 16th 2021
NFTMart announced a strategic partnership with FM Gallery. The two parties will jointly explore the mode of "NFT + Art," bringing more vitality and opportunities for NFT art works and allowing more high-quality art collections to enter the NFT field. Meanwhile, NFT collectors and investors are able to learn more about NFT.
FM Gallery, a blockchain-powered platform for NFT art works and art toys, is committed to powering art and fashion through innovative art fragments and fan-centered autonomous communities. At present, the internationally renowned artists who have signed contracts with us include but not limited to FN Kalyan, Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbach, Macomoroni, TIAN Xiaolei, YU Fang, etc. All of them have an huge impact on both social media and NFT world, and their masterpieces are pretty popular in the secondary market.