UTC-05:00,Sunday , October 24th 2021

Leading DeFi Options Protocol Asteria Goes Into A Strategic Partnership With All-In-One DeFi Wallet Krystal

08:14 Thursday , July 08th 2021
At 9:00 AM EDT 8th of July, Asteria, a New York-based decentralized options protocol, announced a strategic partnership with the all-in-one non-custodial wallet application Krystal. Asteria and Krystal will launch a full range of strategic cooperation.
Asteria is a decentralized option trading protocol based on Peer2Pool trading structure. Asteria implements professional Pricing Models and a comprehensive Risk Management system with Delta Neutral Hedging mechanism. It also integrates yield farming and hedging aggregation components to improve LPs’ capital efficiency. A variety of innovative option-based products are designed including Impermanent Loss Hedger, Ladder Options, Mining Risk Hedger, and other structured products. Architecturally, Asteria is built on DeFi cutting-edge technologies such as NFT and Layer2.
Krystal is a new app with an immersive and frictionless DeFi user experience. It is a non-custodial wallet where you can store digital assets, swap with best rates, save/lend/supply to earn interest, accumulate points redeemable in ETH or BNB and with many more features to come.
Asteria and Krystal will jointly explore various approaches to offer features to earn income as market makers of option products. To be used for a diverse array of financial strategies, such as comprehensive and efficient automatic hedging tools and original built-in insurance services to protect investors’ rights and interests fully. All for enriching the liquidity of the Asteria option trading market. The two parties will work together to provide more professional option derivatives services to blockchain users worldwide!
Official Website - https://asteria.finance/