UTC-05:00,Sunday , June 16th 2019

ETC 51% Attacker Can Be Located, If Exchanges Offer Help

18:32 Wednesday , January 09th 2019
China-based security firm SlowMist has claimed that it has enough evidence to locate the culprit behind recent chain attacks on Ethereum Classic.
The company corroborated information released by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Both SlowMist and Coinbase said double spends have occurred as a result of block reorgs, with SlowMist contending that a total of seven transactions were rolled back from the network and 54,200 ETC (almost $270,000) spent a second time.
SlowMist further said that it is still seeking to find out where exactly the identified addresses are located, which the firm said can be deduced "if the relevant exchanges are willing to assist." At press time, SlowMist identified gate.io, Bitrue and Binance as the exchanges they're looking to work with in order to locate the attacker.
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